World of Thoughts and Telepathy through the eyes of Science

As humans, we can identify galaxies light years away, we can study particles smaller than an atom. But we still haven’t unlocked the mystery of the three pounds of matter that sits between our ears. – US President Obama on the BRAIN initiative

The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connected to 10 thousand other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe – Michio Kaku.

“Know Thyself” – A Greek Motto


Like most of us I too have this burning desire to understand the real ME which gives me a feeling of “I” or “Self”. Some theory suggests that its all in the brain, with our Prefrontal Cortex responsible for this, and some that its more than that. There are no easy answers and that’s why we have Science to our rescue.

Two theories of Consciousness

1. One theory suggests that our Brains are like Generators which can produce current / signals. If we go by this analogy then the concept of Consciousness vanishes. Our brains are so evolved and capable that it integrates all the information and presents it in a cohesive manner.

2. A second theory suggests that our Brains are analogous to television or radio sets which receives signals or instructions from some source.

In this article I do not explore this Science of Consciousness, which I plan to do in a future post, but I do want to share some of the cutting edge research, taking place worldwide, in the field of Brain and Neuroscience.

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