Android Basics – What is an Activity in Android

In the last video you saw the Android Manifest File.

Let’s look at the MainActivity class. The MainActivity class is called when you Launch the App.

This Class is an Activity. Now you might be wondering what is an Activity. An Activity is used to peform certain basic setup tasks when the App Launches. Like specify the Layout
which the App will use. All activities should extend Activity class and implement the onCreate method which gets called when the activity object gets created.

I hope this gives you an idea about the MainActivity Class. We will look at the activity life cycle a little later. In the next video you will see the Layout file. Until next time, bye.

Android Basics – A quick look at the Android Manifest File in Android Project

Now that you have a basic Android App and have been able to run it in the Emulator. It’s time to look at the Manifest file.

The Manifest file is used to define your App settings. Like Name of the App, the App Theme, Launcher Icon, Activities and more.

The important thing to understand is the definition of the MainActivity. The MainActivity class is used by Android when your App Launches.