3 Key Updates in Java SE 8

What is new in Java 8?

Java has been evolving at a good pace since it was introduced in early 90’s. With every passing year it has tried to keep pace with emerging market demands.

Let’s take a look at 3 key updates introduced in Java 8:
1. Lambda Expression  

Lambda Expression adds functional programming features to Java. It changes the way programming solutions are conceptualized and the way code is written in Java. It reduces the amount of code needed to create certain constructs like Anonymous Classes.

2. Stream API

The Stream API supports pipeline operations on data. Stream API is designed with Lambda Expression in mind.Powerful way to handle data in an efficient way.You can perform very sophisticated operations that search, filter or manipulate data. Plus it can be done in Parallel.

3. Interface Methods

Another Lambda inspired feature is the ability to define a default implementation for a method in the Interface. This feature helps you to update the codebase without impacting the classes that implement an interface.

Other new features

1. New Date and Time API

2. Ability to use parallel processing when sorting an Array.