An Engineering Approach to Build Websites

Sunny’s E-Commerce Website

Sunny owns a bookshop, which is doing reasonably well, and he wants to offer his services online via an e-commerce website. He starts to do some research on how to build a website.

After few days of searching and reading blogs he puts down his options.

1. Hire a freelance developer who can create a website for him.
2. Use a website builder and try to create a website on his own with some help from a freelancer, which may cost him less.
3. Learn programming and start building a website from scratch.

In your view which approach makes sense?

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A quick introduction to Distributed Systems

What are Distributed Systems?

In this article I will try to explain distributed systems in simple words. So that you can understand what they are and how they can help.

At a high level distributed systems are a group of computers working together towards a common goal. For an end user or client it’s just one computer. But behind the scenes the work gets distributed among a set of computers or servers.

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