Parse stops accepting new User Sign Ups

Recently Parse announced that it will retire its services by January 28, 2017 And now it seems they have stopped accepting new Sign Ups.

It was sad to hear that since Parse offered a really great Platform, especially for App Developers like me.

What this means is that going forward you need to host the platform to use its services.


Solar-powered remote teacher training in Ghana

I recently came across this Article which talks about how Solar Power is being used for teacher training purpose. If the Program is successful then plan is to scale it further.

The cost of training each teacher would be as low as $150 per year.

Train for Tomorrow, a program run by the non-profit Varkey Foundation with $2 million funding from Dubai Cares, a philanthropic organization, might have a high-tech, low-cost answer: interactive distance learning that can reach schools all over the country thanks to satellite connection, and solar-powered computers which don’t fear power cuts.

Google tests 5G Internet Drones

Google is testing solar-powered drones at Spaceport America in New Mexico to explore ways to deliver high-speed internet from the air, the Guardian has learned.

In a secretive project codenamed SkyBender, the technology giant built several prototype transceivers at the isolated spaceport last summer, and is testing them with multiple drones, according to documents obtained under public records laws.


Source :  The Guardian

Image : “Google 2015 logo” by Google (vectorisé par Madeck, originellement par Fugitron) – Google. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons