Robin, the newest Android Smartphone, will solve the Storage Problem and will Learn from your usage patterns

Introducing Robin, the first Android phone that makes running out of space history.

That’s what the official website promises.

The phone is a mid-range, but capable Android phone from a small, independent startup led by ex-Google and HTC executives and engineers.

It goes on sale at the company’s website, starting today, 32GB unlocked for $399. This also gets you 100GB of Cloud Storage.

The website also mentions that the Smartphone Learns what you use, and it’s designed for fast OS updates.

You can explore more and buy at

Now Your Android Smartphone may be able to detect Earthquakes

Researchers at UC Berkley have developed an Android App MyShake which can enable detection of Earthquake. This can be a Major Step towards reducing the impact of Earthquake Damages.

Learn More at

Download App at –


Parse announces Guides for setting up a Parse Server on Heroku and AWS

Last week saw the release of Parse Server. And now Parse has release guides to help you migrate your existing Parse App or setup your own Backend Parse Servers.

The guides are available at:



Looks like with Heroku the process is a fair bit more straightforward.



Google is testing Wireless Charging Systems for its Electric Self-Driving Cars

Google engineers are testing multiple chargers from Momentum Dynamics at Google’s HQ in Mountain View, and at the Castle Commerce Center. As per a recent report by
IEEE Spectrum.

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Android Studio 2 – Code change deployment in Real time, a Revamped Emulator and More

Android Studio 2 has introduced some great improvements. As an Android Developer you will appreciate the improvements introduced.

Some WOW Features

Instant Run

With this feature your code changes will be deployed in Real Time. A Full Build might not be required.

Improved Emulator

Running the new Emulator is faster than using the real device. Wow !!

The Emulator has a tool box now to enable features like screen rotation, screenshots and more. It uses SMP Support.

GPU Profiler

Now on IntelliJ 15

Offers improved Stability and lot of improvements.

The Studio also improves the build and deploy cycle process.

The Beta is now available for download.

Parse stops accepting new User Sign Ups

Recently Parse announced that it will retire its services by January 28, 2017 And now it seems they have stopped accepting new Sign Ups.

It was sad to hear that since Parse offered a really great Platform, especially for App Developers like me.

What this means is that going forward you need to host the platform to use its services.


Soundcloud App adds Radio Feature

The new Radio feature is not something new or innovative but does help Soundcloud App Users.

Soundcloud App users now have the option to click on the three-dot menu on any track and click “start track station” to create a Station. Previous stations can be found under collections in the app.

My Soundcloud Profile is

Phone Charging might be possible using Infrared Laser, thanks to Wi-Charge

Wireless Charging is one of the most exciting emerging areas.

Startups are trying to address the demand for providing WiFi Charging of Mobile and Wearable Devices.

One such company is Israeli startup Wi-Charge.

Wi-Charge wireless power technology enables unlimited battery life for all things wireless

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Your Android Phone will soon become Smarter thanks to Deep Learning

Android devices will become smarter thanks to partnership between Google and chip maker Movidius.

Through the new collaboration, Google will use Movidius’ flagship MA2450 chip to bring deep learning to Android handsets according to ComputerWorld.

Such capabilities could be particularly valuable for vision-impaired users, for example.

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