Planning to learn Android App Development – Why I started programming in Android

Because knowing the “Why” is quite important.

If you google for Android App development you will find millions of resources to learn from. Most of them are good and share valuable stuff.

But I think there is something missing. And that something can determine how well you learn Android to build great Apps.

What’s Missing?

That something which majority of online blogs and tutorials don’t address is the “WHY” to learn. Some of them do talk about the Android Market and the opportunities.

While some of them jump right in and start to talk about Android’s history. That might work for you but from my experience before learning any new skill it’s important to question “Why I want to learn this.. ?”.

If you can explain the WHY of things then that makes a huge difference to People’s Motivation. They understand Purpose. Process of Learning and how it should be. Make it interesting. – Elon Musk

Here is Elon Musk discussing the same WHY at Khan Academy.

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