Android Basics – How to Create your first App

Enough of talking, let’s create a Simple App. I hope you have Android Studio installed. So go ahead and launch it.

You can either follow the Post below which details the Steps or View this video

Refer to the images for the below Steps.

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Android Basics – How to setup Android Development Environment

Now that you got some idea about the Android Platform, let us look at the tools and development environment Android provides.

Android provides an Integrated platform to help Create, Build, Test and Package Apps.

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Android Basics – Tell me about Android Platform Components

In the last Lesson we provided an overview of the Android App.

Moving on let’s look at the Android Platform Components.

To start with Applications are what you interact with. Like the Contacts Application.

Application Frameworks allow access to Android Libraries and Core Components using set of API’s. Like Content Provider framework which let’s us write database access code.

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Android Basics – What is an Android App

Ok, so I guess you have figured out Why you want to learn more about Android platform. If not I will suggest you read my earlier post.

What is Android

Android is a Mobile Platform and one of the most Popular one. It’s an Open Source platform built on Linux.

So when you buy an Android Smartphone it means your device will be managed and controlled by the Android platform which is a set of Software Libraries.

Tell me something about Android Apps –┬áLike the ones I download from the Google Play Store

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