Use NPTEL Portal as one stop place to prepare for GATE Exam

Students preparing for GATE have challenge finding quality resources and lectures. And many of them opt for coaching. Now a much more economical online option is available. Thanks to NPTEL initiative.

As you may be knowing NPTEL has been offering quality courses and lectures for a long time. Based on the feedbacks from the Students it has now launched a portal where GATE Aspirants can find video lectures to build their concepts and practice tests. Along with that there will be video solutions to previous years GATE questions.

You can access the portal using this link

For Computer Science lectures you can visit this link

We believe that this portal will help GATE aspirants to learn fundamentals and prepare for their upcoming GATE Exams.

The Portal will provide

A comprehensive one stop platform from concepts to tricks for cracking GATE exam.

Enables access to high quality lecture content covering the entire GATE syllabus.

Provides detailed video solutions of previous years GATE exams.

A platform for online assessment via a comprehensive question bank and provide feedback highlighting strengths and weaknesses.

Author: Ankur

I am Enthusiastic about Learning new things and sharing my Knowledge. I like programming and have a pretty good background in Computer Science.

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