Learn about the String Methods in Javascript

Do more with Javascript Strings

Handling words and sentences is very important in programming.

Most things in JS are objects. String is one of them. So when we create a new String we get a bunch of properties and methods which helps us to perform various operations. Let’s explore some useful methods available in Javascript.

The code examples below are also available at Github

To find length of a String we can use length property as follows

let message = 'Hello';

Get a Character
To get a specific character we can give the index in []
This will return ‘l’, quite like arrays. The first index location is 0.

0 1 2 3 4
H e l l o

Get index of a Substring
We can use indexOf() method to get the index of a substring.

let str1 = 'jackma';
str1.indexOf('ma') // prints 4
str1.indexOf('Jam') // prints -1

Extract a Substring
You can use the slice() method to extract a substring. You need to provide start and end indexes. The end index won’t be included.

let str1 = 'jackma';
str1.slice(2,3); // prints c
str1.slice(3,5); // prints km

If you don’t give end index then all characters from start index till end are extracted.

str1.slice(2); // prints ckma

Change the string case
To convert characters of a string to all lower case use toLowerCase()

str1.toLowerCase() // prints jackma

To convert characters of a string to all upper case use toUpperCase()

str1.toUpperCase() // prints JACKMA

Replace part of a String with another string

Let’s say we want to replace ‘get’ in ‘doget’ to ‘put’.

str2 = 'doget';
str2.replace('get', 'put') // prints doput

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