Thoughts on Freedom, Being Skilled and the quest for Meaningful Work

If you are not a Slave to someone or something then you are living in Freedom.

Freedom is the ability to live and work on your own terms. The Courage to stand up for your Ideas and Views.

Look around and you will find Slaves. It’s hard to break the conditioning that our Society has sold us. That Money is everything. Which means everything else takes a back seat.

People live in fear. What if I loose my Job, what if I am unable to repay Loans for the lavish Bungalow I brought recently? What if my Company doesn’t make Profits ?
What if my work is not Appreciated ?

The word Startup is also over hyped and lot of folks are running behind it. Most of them are running just for the same reason we have been running behind Engineering and MBA degrees. The idea being sold is the freedom to work for your self, but is Startup the only way ?

If you are someone who is solving a Problem then it calls for an initiative and funding. But not many are solving real problems. Be it Traffic, Pollution, Farming.

So most of the Startups are venturing in the same field. Be it E-commerce or Food delivery.

Not to say its wrong. It’s helping our Economy and creating Jobs. But Startups are not the only way I think. You can contribute in your own way also.

Speeding in the Wrong direction will take you nowhere.

Being skilled in something allows you to do meaningful work, maybe earn less but enjoy the stuff you do.

What you Like

It’s quite important to understand who you are and what makes you happy. Do you like to Sing, Write, Dance, tell Stories, teach Maths, Paint, Cook, Research ?

But you can ask will that buy me a Living. Because we have kind of got stuck with that mindset. In which we think there are only a few ways to earn a decent Living.

How will I get Motivated if I don’t strive for Money or Luxury ?

You may ask if I don’t want to buy those latest Gadgets or the Bungalow or the Fancy stuff then where will the Motivation come from. Won’t I become Lazy ?

Look at kids. They are much more active than you, can dance, paint, sing and what not.

Do they need Motivation ? And do they need to Meditate, well not as long as they don’t get conditioned. Talking of Meditation, it has become a Billion Dollar Industry 🙂

Your true Nature has got shadowed by conditioning. You were born to get Joy out of work. Think over it.

Let me ask – doesn’t a good Cook, Painter or a Dancer make Money ? Well maybe not a lot but enough to live well.

Earn Money to buy things You don’t need ?

The lure for Money and Fame is hard to resist. Things are been sold to us which we don’t need in the first place. Like an iWatch.

And for that you need Money, so that becomes your Number-1 priority.

Again not to say its bad, but then I feel you need to stop and think. Is Money the Priority ?

If you are someone who wants to do meaningful work stop and question if you can start small. Make it a priority to work smart.

If you like to teach Maths, who is stopping you. Probably your own Mind. Go ahead and start teaching Maths, maybe online. That can have far greater impact than you
spending 8 hours doing useless stuff just to buy the latest Smartphone.

Start to become skilled and capable to have a more Meaningful Life. Don’t run after money and don’t get lured by all the fancy stuff people want to sell to you.

Become good at something and your skills will be utilized.

Author: Ankur

I am Enthusiastic about Learning new things and sharing my Knowledge. I like programming and have a pretty good background in Computer Science.

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