Learn about the new Portlet Specification 3.0 or JSR 362

Learn about the new Portlet Specification 3.0 or JSR 362 #Java

I write about Portlet Development and Liferay in another Blog. But will try to Post new updates to this Blog.

If you are into Portlet Development work you will be happy to learnĀ about the new Portlet Spec Version 3.0, expected to release sometime in 2016.

You might be wondering why this new Specification ?

Well the primary reasons are the last version 2.0 or JSR 286 was released in 2008 and it enhanced the Portlet 1.0 version or JSR 168 significantly.

Since then there have been major enhancements to Java EE. Also a need was felt to address the rise of Mobile devices.

Here is a list of changes to expect

* Align with JEE 7 Specifications
* Improve support for mobile devices
* Specify how resources can be shared between portlets
* Improve client-side support
* Optimize support for Java Server Faces
* Add Web Socket Support
* Align portlets with the with OpenSocial standard
* Extend the portlet eventing capability
* Alignment with a future version of the WSRP specification
* Additional extensions, corrections and clarifications to JSR 286

I will keep this Page updated and will share the latest in the Spec.

Meanwhile, you can visit this link to track the changes or download the draft version.

Author: Ankur

I am Enthusiastic about Learning new things and sharing my Knowledge. I like programming and have a pretty good background in Computer Science.

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